Top 5 problem and Solutions when renting a villa in Jamaica.

A trip to Jamaica should be an unforgettable experience for all the right reasons. Booking a Jamaica villa for your vacation accommodations can allow your entire family to stay together and enjoy a private getaway. Unfortunately, many travelers experience problems when renting a Jamaica villa. Read on to learn more about the common pitfalls to Jamaica villa rental and find out how to avoid them.

Problem 1: No Children Allowed

Many Jamaica villa rental companies cater only to child-less couples and singles or refuse to rent to families with children under a certain age.

The Solution:

Check the rental agreement and regulations carefully to find out whether or not your whole family is welcome before you provide your credit card number or make a down payment. Look for a Jamaica villa rental service that doesn’t discriminate against families, such as Jamaica Ocean View Villa.

Problem 2: Unscrupulous Property Owners

While you can find a number of reputable property owners with villas in top spots, there are just as many who are looking to cash in on unsuspecting travelers by charging hidden fees and even providing fraudulent listings.

The Solution:

Read reviews of Jamaica villa accommodations before you book on a trusted third-party site like Trip Advisor. Look for signs of professionalism and superior customer service when perusing Jamaica villa rental sites. For example, Jamaica Ocean View Villa is accredited by the Better Business Bureau for providing exceptional service.

Problem 3: Inconvenient Locations

If you’ve never been to Jamaica before, it can be hard to know which spots are truly the best to choose for a Jamaica villa. Often times, property owners describe their villas as being oceanfront properties when reality they are very far from the beach.

The Solution:

Choose a reputable Jamaica villa service that provides upfront information about the locations of their properties. Jamaica Ocean View Villa clearly lists where properties are located, describing whether the property is an ocean view, a city view or located somewhere else in Ocho Rios.

Problem 4: Disappointing Properties

Pictures can be deceiving. Many people arrive at their Jamaica villa accommodations only to be disappointed with the decor, cleanliness and level of maintenance of the places they have reserved.

The Solution:

Research the reputation of the Jamaica villa providers. Read reviews and don’t be afraid to contact the provider to request additional photographs.

Problem 5: Lack of Service

One of the main drawbacks of choosing a Jamaica villa is not having a full hotel staff available to assist you with restaurant recommendations, activity planning and other inquiries.

The Solution:

Some Jamaica villa rental companies do offer enhanced services for customers. You can even find some like Jamaica Ocean View Villa that will prepare meals for you during your stay, help you get deals on activities and be available by phone to answer questions about the local area.


Jamaica Ocean View Villa is currently accepting reservations for rooms in a high-end, well-kept property in a prime Ocho Rios location. Check out our rooms and reserve yours today.

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