New Year is one of the biggest celebrated times of the year for locals and tourist alike in Jamaica. Everyone becomes a part of the celebrations and fun filled activities for many different reasons. Travelers all over the world visit Jamaica for a remarkable vacation experience.

New Year in Jamaica gives everyone a reason to smile, to forget the hustles and bustles of life and eagerly anticipate the year ahead.. Millions of people in Jamaica during New Year celebration head to the white sand beaches to relax and beautiful mountains with lovely nature trails. Full of amazing attractions, sparkling beaches, unique culture, fascinating history and historic monuments, little wonder why Jamaica is considered as the most beautiful in the Caribbean.

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Reggae Isn’t Jamaica’s Only Musical Treasure

Image courtesy of Ochos Rios Jazz Festival At the heart of all traditional Jamaican reggae is the influence of another world-shaking musical form: jazz.

Where to Listen to Reggae in Jamaica


Jamaica’s pulse beats to the rhythm of reggae.

Originating here in the 1960s, reggae combines the traditions of mento, calypso, American jazz and R&B. Since the 60s, as reggae’s influence spread like wildfire, it came to belong to the whole world—not just to Jamaica.

Now, Jamaica is working toward reclaiming its reggae heritage and reminding its fans around the world of the sound’s true birthplace. Because most contemporary reggae albums are released by non-Jamaican-born artists, Jamaica plans to add an “authenticity” seal to reggae albums produced by Jamaican artists on the island.

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Why Ochos Rios is Jamaica’s Best Destination

We can’t exactly call Ochos Rios, Jamaica a “hidden gem.”

Located on the north coast in the parish of St. Ann, Ochos Rios is, after all, one of the most prominent cruise ship and resort areas on the island.

But it’s a popular spot for some very, very good reasons. If you want to leave Jamaica feeling like you’ve really experienced the best of the island, then Ochos Rios is the place for you.

Everything is here: from adrenaline-pumping outdoor adventures (including Jamaica’s #1 attraction—the stunning Dunn’s River Falls) to dreamlike beaches, to thriving nightlife set to the rhythm of reggae and complemented by some of the world’s best cocktails.

Better yet, if you rent a villa (instead of staying at a resort or boarding a cruise ship) you will find it easier to miss the tourist crowds and explore Jamaica on your own terms.

Not convinced? Here’s why Ochos Rios is a top pick for Jamaica travelers, and why you should consider it, too.

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