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Why You should Stay in A Villa and Not a Resort

Personalize Experience, personal Staff in your very own Luxury private villa

We are often asked this question by travelers looking to  book a vacation in Jamaica. What is the difference between a villa and a resort or hotel?

So I find it necessary to write and outline why as well as using the  testimonial of a former guests.

There are many chain hotels / resorts looking like a string of windowed boxes on the beach with very they little charm, almost no vegetation and very little connection to Jamaican culture.

Resorts/ hotels housekeepers have an average of 25 -50 rooms to clean each day and  If you need a butler you need to pay extra and Personal chef,  or forget about it.

Staying in a Resort/ hotel and need to go off site to explore and experience the Island and its many attractions, you’ll need to pay extra for transportation.

Purchase  an off site activity from the front desk,  the cost is significantly  higher than you would pay if you  did the booking yourself online or at the excursion.

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How to Experience Jamaica on your next vacation

How to Experience Jamaica

A vacation is much more than just the location that you choose. It’s about the entire experience, from when you walk out of the airport and see a completely unfamiliar landscape to where you lay your head every night. Immersing yourself completely into the experience of any situation is a practice in meditation.

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7 Reasons Why Renting a Villa is Not For You

Jamaica Ocean View Villa


Staying in a villa vacation rental instead of a resort or hotel can be a great way to experience Jamaica. You get more space, more personal, hands-on service, and more privacy than you would at the giant resorts…among other perks!


That said, villa rentals in Jamaica aren’t for everyone.

Are they for you? If these 7 reasons sound like you, you might want to stick to the resorts and hotels instead!

You Appreciate a Standard Experience

Vacation rentals have their own unique designs, quirks, and character. Some people seek them out for just this reason, preferring a place that reflects personal tastes or their surrounding destinations. However, a hotel—especially a big, well-known chain—is less of an unknown quantity. They’re consistent wherever you go, with the same amenities, customer service style, and guest rooms.


hotel room comparion to a villa

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If you’ve been to one, you can know what to expect from the next. For some people, this consistent experience takes priority over facing the unfamiliar. If you are someone that needs to know exactly what to expect before you arrive, then renting a villa may not be the best choice for you.

 You Love All-Inclusive

Make no mistake: all-inclusive stays are not just for resorts and hotels. Many luxury villa rentals, like Jamaica Ocean View Villa, also offer packages that include not only the rental, but food, drink, and cleaning services, too.

But there is a key difference. Luxury villa rentals—like ours—almost always charge extra for local activities and excursions. This is simply because not everyone wants to go on excursions…or the same excursions. Why should we build it into the price and charge you for something you won’t even use?!

If you want to book a trip that has one upfront price that doesn’t incur any other costs, and you plan to go on many off-site adventures, then an all-inclusive resort package may suit you better. However, one thing to take into consideration: if you do want to check out off-site activities while staying in a resort, you can almost always expect to pay a higher price in total. This is because resorts add their commission on top of the standard price.

This blog post details how you can save money by letting us help you book your favorite tours and excursions—personalized to your needs.


You Want to Be Left Alone

Villa owners love to go above and beyond to make their guest’s stay as enjoyable as possible. Since they only have you to look after, they can dedicate all their time to focus on your needs, your wants, and above all, your good time. They’re on hand to deal with maintenance issues, help you plan the best activities, even recommend the tastiest restaurants. This one-on-one attention can wonderful; it even turns some people into lifelong vacation rental converts!

But some people prefer the anonymity that goes with a hotel stay—even if it means chancing it when it comes to whether the hotel will respond maintenance issues, or if the restaurant you picked for dinner is worth your money. If you you want that totally anonymous experience, then the dedicated and personal service you get from a villa rental may not suit you. You Have a Tight Budget (And Aren’t Traveling with a Big Group)

Taking a vacation on a tight budget means skimping on luxuries and opting for the most reasonably priced accommodation you can find. This usually means no frills and low expectations. If you’re this type of traveler, as long as you have a clean room in your chosen destination, you’ll be happy.

Villa rentals like Jamaica Ocean View Villa can be excellent value for your money, especially if you’re traveling and splitting the cost with several other people (our villa sleeps up to 20!). But they don’t suit those wishing to travel as cheaply as possible…who are also traveling alone or as part of a small family or couple.


luxury Jamaica villa with pool


After all, villas like ours boast luxury furnishings, private pools and a full staff…and while it might not be as costly as you think, they are by no means bottom-of-the-barrel accommodations. If you’re very budget-conscious (and traveling with just one or two other people), you might want to save the villa experience for another time.


You’re the Type to Stay on the Resort Grounds and Relax

Villa rentals give visitors the opportunity to experience a destination outside of the main hotel and resort areas. This means spending time in a more residential area, mingling with locals, and spending some time searching for a delicious local restaurant to try rather than just strolling to the on-site restaurant at your resort.


Again, some people absolutely love this authentic villa experience, while others would rather dig their toes in the Caribbean sands at their resort and never leave! If you are after easy, gated-off resort indulgence, then you should know that villas rentals might not offer it…at least not in quite the same way.


Still not sure if villas are the right accommodation choice for you? Please do not hesitate to contact us with your Ocho Rios/Jamaica travel questions and/or any special requirements! Or make a reservation to stay at the lovely and distinctive Jamaica Ocean View Villa!



The positives of vacations rentals far outweigh staying in a hotel/Resort.

Hotel vs Vacation Rental

The rise in vacation rental popularity brings up the argument of hotels vs rental more often than ever before. Both accommodation options have their positives and negatives, but the positives of vacations rentals far outweigh the good side of staying in a hotel. If you’re planning a trip to Jamaica you’ll be overwhelmed with choice with excellent villas in Jamaica and hotels on offer. So how do you choose what option is best for you?

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Free Ocho Rios villa activities

Ocho Rios Family Vacation

When considering a Caribbean vacation that suits the whole family the choice can be a bit daunting. However, one of the best places to consider is taking a family vacation in Jamaica, particularly the town of Ocho Rios. Jamaica isn’t just a honeymoon destination. It has tons of great family orientated activities and attractions, and of course great beaches for building sandcastles. If you have an active family, you can’t go wrong with Ocho Rios. Plus it’s convenient location 1.5 hours from Montego Bay Airport means the kids shouldn’t get to bored on the car ride to your accommodation.


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