Why you should rent a vacation home for spring vacation


Come spring, impatience with winter is at its peak. After three or four months of shoveling driveways, bundling up winter coats, and scraping ice from windshields, we’re readier than ever for it to be over.

That makes spring the perfect time to get away from the last of the cold, get some well needed vitamin D, and enjoy lazy days soaking up the sun by the pool or on white-sand beaches.

Best of all? If you travel somewhere warm at the end of winter, it just might be warm at home by the time you get back. It’s like starting spring a week or two early!

Beach in Ocho Rios Jamaica

And nowhere beats Jamaica for your perfect spring getaway. 

There are caves waiting to be explored, coral reefs to be discovered, and adrenaline-pumping adventure to be had on our hilly terrains. Plus lots of other incredible things to do and see…with not a snowflake in sight.


Plan ahead and find your perfect spring in Jamaica!

Consider a Vacation Rental Home

Most vacation homes in Jamaica are strategically located to offer the best views of the ocean and mountains, plus easy access to most of the island’s top attractions.


Don’t limit yourself to the beach and strawberry daiquiris! And don’t let someone else’s schedule dictate your own: You can choose to take as many or few tours as you want—all at your own pace. Not to mention more space and privacy, and all the comforts of home.

Escape the resorts, meet locals, and have the freedom to explore and discover the beauty of Jamaica, creating stories and memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Why spend a bundle for a luxury hotel when you can enjoy twice the benefits and luxuries of a hotel in a Jamaican vacation rental?

Fully equipped with State-of-the-art facilities

Vacation villas in Ocho Rios are beautifully designed, furnished, and equipped with state-of-the-art amenities to make your vacation an unforgettable one! At the Jamaica Ocean View Villa, we have worked hard to create a home that’s up-to-date and completely comfortable.


Perfect for children of all ages

Whether you’re traveling with toddlers, tweens, or in-betweens, vacation homes offer the ultimate family vacation.

With lots of entertainment options at your fingertips, you can enjoy quiet days after exploring Ocho Rios…and the kids can occupy themselves with one of the many amenities at the vacation villas, like private swimming pools, game rooms, game consoles, private beaches, book, and family games.

Room for the Whole Crew

Vacation rentals in Jamaica come in may shape and sizes, from charming guesthouses to beachfront homes to mansions in the hills.

Large groups can take their pick…and know that it’s much more economical to split the nightly bill instead of paying hotel rates x10!

Cook together, relax together, swim together in your own private pool…without having to meet at a public lobby.

Jamaica villa Private pool

Planning a spring getaway to Jamaica (or any time of year)? Read through our blog to learn about Jamaica’s cuisines, traditions, and accommodations.

And if you find yourself in the Land of Island Life? Relax… we will do all the work for you and take the frustration out of vacation!

Jamaica ocean view living rooom 201510

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