Ocho Rios Villa Family:10 Perfect Summer Vacation Activities

Looking for a luxurious Caribbean vacation? There’s no place in the Caribbean like Jamaica. It is the island of Caribbean where dreams of paradise become blissfully reality. If you love to explore nature and to visit picturesque sites, Jamaica is the perfect place for you and your family to visit. A paradise of wonder waits on this small island of Jamaica with gorgeous beaches sprinkled all over the island. The warm sun and the turquoise blue water draw more and more visitors each year.

Jamaica beaches

The city of Ocho Rios is full of family-friendly fun, from attractions to accommodation. We have got some ideas for your next family vacation. Ocho Rios has been declared as the fairest island ever eyes beheld. The word Ocho Rios, means “Eight Rivers” but it actually has only four rivers, namely, The Cave River, The Roaring River, Turtle River and the Dunn River. Its rivers characterized by clarity and unending flow are punctuated by rapid cascades and waterfalls which pour directly into the Caribbean Sea.

Ocho Rios villa activities

Dunn’s Hill Falls                                                                              

The most famous of all is the Dunn’s River fall. The most enjoyable activity you can do in Ocho Rios is to climb up and hike the 600 feet high falls, under a stimulating shower led by the Dunn Hill River’s tour guides. The falls are bordered by lush green vegetations that help protect the tourists from the heat of the sun. While the new Dunn’s River falls provide modern facilities with the rustic charm of a natural setting.

One can easily access the upper reaches of the falls through roads. You can also enjoy the breathtaking sight of the sun getting engulfed by the aquamarine waters of the Caribbean. Dunn’s Hill falls is also a major attention for nature lovers. Tourists can find bamboo, ginger lilies and a variety of palms and breadfruit trees in its tropical foliage. There is also a Dunn’s hill cafeteria that offers scrumptious foods that can please any palate. One can also take advantage of the barbeque pits in the park. There’s a Dunn’s feast every week with music, dancing and swimming.


The premier beach in Ocho Rios is the Reggae Beach. It is relatively smaller as compared to other beaches of Jamaica. Jagged cliffs festooned with sea grape fruit trees frame the beach on each side. Your family can enjoy secluded settling with lounge chairs, showers and changing rooms making the experience more pleasant. When the Sun goes down a bonfire is lit and DJ lays it down past midnight.


  • Dunn’s River Falls is undoubtedly its signature attraction. Its beauty tends to overshadow the half-mile beach where the falls’ cascading waters tumble down the sea. You can also rent snorkel and other water-sports gears. The beach is best enjoyed combined with a climb up the falls.
  • If you want to hand around with the Jamaicans, head to Mallards Beach. It is surrounded by shops, restaurants and hotels. You can explore the town on this beach.
  • The largest of all is the Turtle Beach. It is lined with coconut trees. Here you can rent scuba gears too. The surf is gentle and safe for kids too.
  • The fans of 007 can go to the James Bond Beach. They can opt for a wave-runner tour that will bring them past Golden Eye, the former Jamaican home of the creator of James Bond. Girls getaway Ocho Rios Jamaica
    Mystic Mountain Adventure

    • The mystic mountain adventure begins when you are picked up and transported to the Mystic Mountain Rainforest.

    You can there embark the aerial sky explorer chairlift for a picturesque 15-minute ride through Jamaica’s tropical canopy.

    • You can traverse the forest on the Zip line adventure
    • Also you can glide all the way down to the infinity pool via the waterslide


    Bobsled Jamaica

    • It is the most trilling part of the visit. The daredevils climb into the custom designed Jamaican bobsled and try their hands at the tropical version of the Olympic sport of bobsledding. The track features a gravity driven plunge of 3,280 feet with twists and turns. You can control the speed of your descend. You can descend either smoothly or get a pulse quickening dive to the bottom.
    • It offers a medley of different ways to experience the mystic mountains to get the whole family buzzing with adventure.

    Dolphin Cove

    Dolphin cove is a marine adventure at which guests can swim and interact with dolphins, sharks and stingrays in captivity. The special thing about the Jamaican Dolphin Cove is that the dolphins are not kept in tanks but kept in the sea. The tourists are given a chance to swim and interact with sharks and Sea trek with dolphins. You can also:

    • Interact and snorkel with stingrays
    • Watch the hilarious Shark Show
    • Relax on glistening white sandy beaches

    White River Tubing

    Here you can discover the best kept secret in Jamaica. You can take off an exciting river tube ride long the white river where you’ll be surrounded by beautiful scenery. You can travel with the knowledgeable tubing guides through the lush Jamaican rainforest where you can float past bamboo groves and

    Coconut plantations experience the thrill of the rapids and enjoy a swim at the swimming hole. You then enter beautifully landscaped gardens of white river valley Park where you can shop as well as refresh yourself.

    Chukka Cove

    Chukka offers the best of Jamaica, with adventures for all ages. You can:

    • Fly through the rainforests hundreds of feet in the air
    • Swim on horseback
    • Explore the countryside on ATV
    • Take a relaxing float down the river


    Horse Back Riding

    You can saddle up for a beach horseback ride where you can experience a panoramic view of the Jamaican coastline and learn about the history of the area.

  • Horse back riding in Ocho Rios jamaica
  • You can:
    • Ride along Papillon Cove
    • Ride in the Caribbean sea on horses
    • Enjoy a leisurely horse ride suitable for beginners
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