You haven’t been to Jamaica and you haven’t booked for helicopter tours?  What are you actually waiting for?

Taking a helicopter tour should be on the priority list of every traveler. Book your next trip to this beautiful island nation and take a helicopter tour to some of the most beautiful places you’ve ever seen.

Ocho Rios Helicopter tour

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If you are looking for an unforgettable tour that offers a panoramic view of Jamaica, then a helicopter tour is exactly what you need. There are plenty of licensed and professional helicopter tour companies in Jamaica with ports in several destinations including Ocho Rios.

You need not be afraid as they have qualified pilots that will give you a relaxing air tour the best way possible.


Soar to greater heights on this professional tour of Jamaica’s magnificent attractions. Take your own Jamaican helicopter tour and capture scenic views and the natural beauty of this beautiful island nation on camera while enjoying a fun filled flight experience.

Ocho Riso Aerial view


You should know that Jamaica’s helicopter tour is highly sought after by local visitors and tourists alike looking to catch a glimpse of the nation’s beauty from above, so it is advisable to book ahead of time to avoid disappointments.

Helicopter tours around Jamaica is an incredible way to enjoy an Ariel view of stunning attractions the country has to offer. These tours are just perfect for those looking to get closer to major attractions in Jamaica because you have the chance to get closer to attractions such as mountains, and historic buildings that are a bit difficult to enjoy from the ground.

Why choose helicopter tours

  • They are the most unique ways of experiencing great time especially for those who have just a few hours to spare because helicopters are definitely faster when it comes to enjoying Jamaica’s historic attractions
  • They are more convenient, relaxing and traffic free compared to tour vehicles
  • It is just perfect for couples looking to spice up their romantic life as just fewer passengers come on board.
  • Helicopter tours offers such remarkable vacation experience that one will cherish even in years to come.

A handful of wondrous skyline and spectacular views compliment this well- arranged helicopter tour in Jamaica. Travel over the beautiful Dolphin Cove, where you will see the dolphins and sea lions in the water from above.

Afterwards, your next point of interest will be at the sparkling Dunn’s River Falls. Memories, fun and adventure are what Jamaica helicopter tours have to offer. Take a helicopter tour that offers life time memories and capture the rich history, unique culture and urban nature of Jamaica from above.


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