An Eco- Tourisms Adventure in Ocho Rios Jamaica


Located in the hills parish of St. Ann, Fire Water is one of Jamaica’s best kept secret.

Situated about few kilometers west of the resort town of Ocho Rios, Fire Water was discovered by Granny May, while she was trying to burn a wasp nest from the cotton tree around 80 years ago. Fire Water, also known as Windsor Mineral Spring, is made up of a wide range of natural gases, including sulphur.

walk on fire

The water is believed to have natural healing properties for health related issues such as cataracts, arthritis and even infertility. There are some locals also who believed that the water is able to cure cancer.

This small pool of water contains natural gases which enables it catch fire when lit. This phenomenon is believed to be caused by presence of sulphur in the water.

Upon arrival at the site, you will be warmly welcomed by the residents who will lead you towards an area which has been concreted and enclosed in Bamboo and tarpaulin.

Your guide will show you the fire water and allow you take a relaxing walk through the flaming water.

Mineral spring_health tourism

Visitors can also enjoy a relaxing fire massage. Take a dip in the water and relax while your body gets massaged with a towel which has been soaked in the sulphur filled water and heated over the flames.

You will feel rejuvenated and full of life after the massage. You will be surprised as to how locals cook on the fire water. Your guide will show you how they set up a pot stand above the flames

Since it is off the grid, Fire Water is difficult to locate as just a few locals and practically no tourists have good knowledge about this natural attraction.

One of the reasons which makes this incredible attraction less visited by tourists is because it’s been kept a secret for years.

Presently, Fire Water is open to the public every day. Whether or not you believe in Fire Water’s natural healing powers, a dip in the flaming fires and a rejuvenating massage is one of the best ways to relax and enjoy your tour.

Serene location, a clay mud bath, amazing atmosphere and breathtaking sights make a trip to the Fire Water a must  experience for all. This natural spring which is about the size of a large Jacuzzi is one of the best natural wonders in the world today


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