5 Ocho Rios Family Activities Not to Miss!

Sand, sun, surf, and the great outdoors ¨C all this awaits you in Jamaica. The kids will never get bored during their Jamaica villa family vacation in Ocho Rios. With an endless array of activities for thrill seekers and plenty of chances to relax, you won’t ever want to leave.



Horse Riding

Have you ever dreamed of sitting on a horse riding down the beach into the sunset? You don’t need to leave that thought in your dreams anymore. Ocho Rios has wonderful horse riding opportunities, suitable for beginners and children. You will be escorted by expert guides on very safe, quiet, horses that know their route. There are a couple of different horse excursion operators in Ocho Rios and all are highly reviewed. Your trek will take you through the beautiful Jamaican countryside before heading to the beach. You’ll even be able to ride right into the sea on your horse; an experience you’ll never forget. It’s even possible to book a sunset ride, a perfect backdrop for your family vacation photos.Horse Ridding in Ocho Rios Jamaica

River Tubing

Escape the tropical sun by dipping your toes in the cool, fresh waters of the White River from your very own, bottomed tube. The tubing excursion takes you through a series of mild rapids quenching tastes for some trills before a more leisurely float down the rest of the river. The river is surrounded by tranquil, lush forest until your reach a resting point. Here you’ll be able to leap into a small, deep lagoon, a perfect photo opportunity, before commencing your journey. The excursion is suitable for most ages.family activities in Jamaica, tubing

Mystic Mountain

No where else in the world is quite like Jamaica’s Mystic Mountain. You’ll want to spend an entire, action packed day here; where else can you bobsled through the rainforest! The bobsled attraction takes its inspiration from Jamaica’s much loved Olympic bobsledding team and is one of Ocho Rios’ most popular activities. The ride is suitable for kids at least 46 inches tall. Once strapped into your sled, you’ll go whizzing down the mountain, imagining you’re in the Olympics.Jamaica mystic activities in Ocho Rios

Families with children of all ages will love peering down into the rainforest from above. The SkyExplorer brings you to a dizzying height of 700-feet, where you can relax and soak up the amazing views, which includes looking down on Dunn’s River Falls.

Another fantastic way to experience the rainforest treetops is to fly through the branches on a zipline. Mystic Mountain’s zip line adventure takes you through a series of platforms as you navigate the forest canopy, covering over 300-feet at a time. Kids as young as five can join in this exciting adventure.

If that’s not enough action for the kids then don’t miss out the Mystic Waterslide and swimming pool. The waterslide and pool peers spectacularly over the edge of the mountain with breathtaking views of the Ocho Rios coastline in the distance. Parents can relax by the pool while the kids zoom down the slide.

Mystic Mountain also has some more relaxed activities for families that prefer fewer thrills, but love nature. The butterfly garden is a non-captive space filled with lush plants that butterflies love. The beautiful flowers are enough to make it worth spending some time here, but getting up close to some of Jamaica’s most beautiful butterflies makes it extra special. Like the butterfly garden the hummingbird garden is filled with plants and food that attract these wonderful little birds. The garden also has an educational purpose, with photos and signs telling you about the different birds you may spot there. The kids will love how close they can get to the birds.

Prospect Plantation

Camels in Jamaica? Yep! Some may even sport a local hairstyle if you catch them on a good hair day. Touring Prospect Plantation, just outside Ocho Rios, is both fantastic family fun and educational.

Your tour will take you through this magnificent 18th century plantation where coffee, bananas, and sugarcane are grown, while you learn about the estate’s interesting history. Climb up on your very friendly camel for a Jamaican countryside trek, the only camel trek in Jamaica. Kids must be 8-years-old or older to take part and everyone will have the chance to pass their Camel Driver’s License! If camels aren’t your cup of tea, then you can explore the surrounding forest on horseback, a trail that takes you to a secret garden, through the Bird Aviary, and past views of the White River.

If touring by camel or horse is a little to much excitement for your family, you can tour the estate from the comfort of your seat in a tractor drawn, open-air carriage. Your guide will entertain you will harrowing tales of Buccaneers and why the house was originally a fortified fort.

Foodie families will eat up the cooking tour, which takes you on a leisurely stroll through the gardens before relaxing on the veranda where you’ll get hands on lessons in Jamaican cooking.

Dolphin Cove

Delphin Cove Jamaica Ocho Rios

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Tick swimming with dolphins off your bucket list at Jamaica’s Dolphin Cove, an experience that is so amazing, you’ll be talking about it for years. The dolphins here are kept in closed off areas of the sea, a much more natural environment than tanks. There are different levels of interaction available depending on how brave you are. However, you don’t need to worry much, the dolphins here love meeting and playing with people. You can venture as far as reaching in and petting them with your hands or jumping in for a swim. Not only that, you can snorkel, swim and pet stingrays, and go kayaking in a glass bottom kayak.  If you prefer dry land, you can get up close to iguanas, birds, and even snakes along the cove’s nature trail, or find a lounge chair on the beach to relax. Kids of all ages can join in the fun, and kids under 6 get in free. And don’t forget to leave without getting a happy dolphin kiss.


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