Thanksgiving In Your Jamaica Villa

Giving thanks for the many blessings that we enjoy is a practice that everyone including young and old should embrace. Regardless of your background or ethnicity, we all experience sad and joyful moments in our lives. For many of us, thanksgiving is not only giving thanks for the many blessings we receive but also a perfect time to spend quality time with family and friends at home, do some shopping, cooking and serving.

If you are planning on visiting the beautiful island of Jamaica over this holiday, there are lots of incredible Jamaica villas offering great services and activities well planned for guests. Are you ready for something completely different? There are lots of ways to experience massive fun during thanksgiving in Jamaica.

Catamaran Ocho Rios Jamaica

One of the best ways to celebrate thanksgiving week with friends and family with a touch of island flavor is by renting a fully-staffed Jamaican villa. Renting a villa in Jamaica is a unique way to spend thanksgiving in luxury. Some of these luxury villas are conveniently located to offer great views of the ocean and features several amazing facilities such as swimming pool, bar, Recreation room, garden, playground and so much more. Some of these properties also comes with a full staff made up of maid, cook, butler and laundress. It offers you the benefits of privacy and convenience in your vacation home.

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How to Choose a Caribbean Island Vacation

It’s the time of year when we start to think of winter and getting away from the cold.

Now you and your family have decided to go to the Caribbean.

James Bond Beach Jamaica

Great Choice!

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travelling to Jamaica

The Essential Jamaica vacation Packing List

  Millions of travelers visit Jamaica each year in search of sun, fun, and relaxation. The exquisite turquoise Caribbean sea and shimmering white sand never disappoint those seeking the perfect family vacation. Jamaica has an average temperature of 80 degrees during the winter. Winter and Spring vacation to Jamaica, but you have packed all your […]

Jamaican jerk chicken

Insanely Good Food At Seven (Affordable) Restaurants in Ocho Rios Jamaica

Jamaica’s cuisine is influenced by immigrants from various places around the world such as India, Africa, and China. Ocho Rios is in the Garden parish appropriately named so for it’s lush tropical vegetation and beauty. In the town of Ocho Rios you will find many local restaurants or eateries with nourishing food rich with flavorful […]