Ocho Rios Vacation Rental Defines Luxury

How Do You Define A Luxury Vacation Rental?

What does luxury mean in the new era of vacation rental? Is it tranquility? Is it sheer beauty? Is it service?  Is it time? Is it freedom? 


Is it Pristine blue seas, lush green trees, stunning views, beautiful flowers and the world’s most spectacular sunset or sunrise?

beach photo_ love the beach

Or is it a secluded spots around the island to take a swim, hike or explore the beach.

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Famous Dunns River falls



Vacationing in Jamaica goes beyond beach activities and luxurious resorts. Asides its white sand beaches, Jamaica features some of the best natural wonders in the world which are well worth a visit.

One of the natural scenic wonders Jamaica has to offers is Dunn’s River Falls. This picturesque water body is a beauty to behold.

Climbing Dunn's River Fall in Ocho Rios Jamaica

Located few minutes west of Ocho Rios, one of Jamaica’s top tourist destinations, a visit to Dunn’s River should be on your bucket list.

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Vacation Rentals are becoming more and more popular as an ideal budget friendly option versus hotels and resorts.

Most vacation rental  and villas in Jamaica are fully equipped with all the necessary amenities; staff including security, cooks, butlers and housekeeping  to cater to the needs of everyone in your party.

Jamaica villa chef



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What is your definition of a Vacation

Ocho-Rios Laid-back Town 

Tourist flies into the city of Montego Bay from all over the world and head East toward Ocho Rios; on an hour and twenty   minute  scenic journey, pass , ocean, on your left, farmland, grazing goats and horses on your right.

Ocho rios Jamaica vacation rental hoe

Photo Credit: Kitkat1305

Downtown Ocho Rios is pretty sublime and by all visible clues, it doesn’t look anything like a tourist trap.

There are no strings of souvenir shops, no tall buildings, just small stores and locals walking around, heading to work, running errands, shopping in outdoor markets and socializing.

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Why you should rent a vacation home for spring vacation


Come spring, impatience with winter is at its peak. After three or four months of shoveling driveways, bundling up winter coats, and scraping ice from windshields, we’re readier than ever for it to be over.

That makes spring the perfect time to get away from the last of the cold, get some well needed vitamin D, and enjoy lazy days soaking up the sun by the pool or on white-sand beaches.

Best of all? If you travel somewhere warm at the end of winter, it just might be warm at home by the time you get back. It’s like starting spring a week or two early!

Beach in Ocho Rios Jamaica

And nowhere beats Jamaica for your perfect spring getaway. 

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