Jamaica Vacation Rentals Villa Versus Resort

Jamaica Vacation Rentals

Villa Versus Resort

Vacationing with your family in Ocho Rios is an unforgettable experience, but it can be difficult to decide what kind of accommodations to book. Villas in Jamaica Ocho Rios offer unparalleled luxury, and Jamaican family resorts are a vacation in themselves. Thankfully, there are a few key differences that can help you to make an informed decision.

Before we get into that, it’s important to note that there are a large number of similarities that many people assume either resorts or villas are lacking. For example, one might think that a resort will obviously have a spa, but a villa probably won’t. In fact, villas in Ocho Rios often have spa techs that will come right to your room and offer a full range of rejuvenating, traditional Jamaican spa services. Before you eliminate one of your options based on what you think it doesn’t have, check out some locations in Ocho Rios and find out what’s available to you.


Family resorts in Ocho Rios have plenty of support staff that can assist you with anything you might need, from carrying your bags to information on local attractions. Each area in the resorts are u to the best of their abilities. If you need anything, you have only to find the appropriate staff member and let them know.

Jamaican villas are often appointed with a private staff that’s dedicated to your needs. Villas tend to vary in luxury and service more than resorts, so it’s important to check what amenities are offered when you’re searching for a villa, but one example of a fully-staffed villa in Ocho Rios is Ocean View Villa. Ocean View Villa has a personal staff that includes a butler, chauffer and guide, housekeeper and laundress, groundskeeper, bartender and gourmet chef.

For no additional cost, your laundress will have your clothes washed, dried and folded for you whenever you need, and your chauffeur, who is also a Jamaican Tourist Board Certified guide, can not only take you wherever you need to go for ten hours a day, but can also give you tips and local insider information about Jamaica’s best and worst locations, best times to visit and when the cruise ship arrives with the large crowds.

While the staff size is smaller, the staff-to-guest ratio means that the service you receive is impossible for a resort to contend with. The needs of your party are the sole focus of each staff member when you stay at a villa. Everything is personalized to accommodate your dream vacation.


Depending on where you book, the exclusivity of your resort will vary slightly, but you can expect there to be many other people just like you, enjoying the same amenities and accommodations. Beaches Resort, for example, offers its own beach, game room, bar and more, but those activities are to be shared with everyone else who is staying at Beaches with you. Depending on the time of year, this could be an alarming number of people.

As you’ve probably guessed, the exclusivity of a villa is the polar opposite of a resort. Again, this may vary slightly, but at villas like Ocean View, your party will enjoy private access to the bar, game room, private beach, personal driver, personal chef, luxurious living areas, private pool, dining deck and more.


High-end resorts tend to offer a wide array of restaurant choices. Beaches in Ocho Rios has seven restaurants from which to choose, ranging from Parisienne cuisine to Pizza. This impressive variety serves to satisfy everyone in your group, and being located within the resort itself, is also convenient.

Villas like Ocean View that are staffed with a professional chef have the advantage of catering to everyone’s taste in every sitting. If the kids want grilled cheese, your husband wants local Jamaican barbeque and you want an international delicacy, your chef can easily accommodate everyone. This particular Jamaican villas all inclusive package includes two meals for your entire party every day.

Your chef can also factor in any dietary restrictions, allergies and preferences in your party long before meal time. Villas also tend to offer more freedom in where you take your meals. If your party wants to enjoy breakfast by the pool, you don’t have to show up early and fight a hotel full of people for the seats.


Villas take the cake when it comes to budget-friendly vacationing for family groups. A party of ten can rent a villa in Ocho Rios for as little as $50 per person per day, while the same group would generally pay between $300 and $400 per person per day at Beaches Ocho Rios. For comparison, ten people would pay under $7000 to book Ocean View Villa (five bedrooms) for ten people in January. At beaches, five rooms for ten people will cost you around $25,000 in January.


Resorts in Ocho Rios are similar to resorts in other parts of the world. They feature lovely accommodations that imitate local style and are staffed by locals, but they’re cloaked in a generic vibe that cheapens the experience. Everything from the food to the décor is passed through a corporate filter that separates you from real Jamaica.

The residents of Ocho Rios have a relationship with tourists and tourism wherein they seek mutual benefit. The resorts encourage guests to stay on site throughout their vacation, which not only robs you of real Jamaican culture, but also prevents the community from benefiting from your tourism.

This is where the real difference in your Jamaican experience can be felt. When you visit a tropical island paradise like Jamaica, you want to be immersed in the beautiful and welcoming community and culture of the people who genuinely appreciate your visit and want to ensure that you go home having created memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Jamaican villas surround you in upscale Jamaican culture, from the luxurious accommodations to the local cuisine. It’s pretty apparent that real Jamaican luxury is best experienced in a private villa, and there’s no better place than Ocho Rios to find out for yourself.