Jamaica villa in Ocho Rios

Picking the Right Jamaican Villa for Your Vacation


 If you’re planning a vacation to Jamaica, you’ll need to find the perfect accommodations for your trip. Luxury hotels can be a nice option for some individuals, but they can be over-crowded and families often find hotels inconvenient and expensive, especially in cases where they need to stay in multiple hotel rooms.


So for couples and families who prefer a bit more privacy and plenty of room to spread out, renting a vacation villa can be a wonderful option. It’s also a more affordable option for those who would otherwise need to reserve multiple hotel rooms.


Jamaica Ocean View Villa and other rental homes in the rolling hills of Ocho Rios offer seclusion and privacy, within a stone’s throw of the beach. Jamaica’s beach-front villas offer little privacy and you can end up with lots of disturbances from beach-goers and the occupants of nearby villas. So if you’re seeking peace and quiet, Jamaica Ocean View Villa or another hillside rental home can be a wonderful option.


Jamaica Ocean View Villa is situated in a seaside community, with a private beach, so guests can enjoy Jamaica’s beautiful shoreline without the hassle of dealing with other tourists. Our villa also provides full transportation services to the nearby beaches, at no additional cost to the guests, making beach visits super convenient and care-free. Airport transfers are also included.


The capacity for an Ocho Rios villa or rental home is another primary consideration. Jamaica Ocean View Villa is perfect for large families, as it can sleep 16. The number of bedrooms is a key inquiry, as you’ll want to ensure everyone can stay comfortably. Our villa features a total of five bedrooms with two king beds, 4 twin beds, 4 double beds, one queen bed and a sofa bed; this makes our villa ideal for large or extended families.


Amenities are another primary consideration when you’re searching for the perfect Ocho Rios vacation rental. Ideally, all amenities should be included at no extra fee.


Jamaica Ocean View Villa offers all amenities as part of the rental fee. This includes the aforementioned transportation, along with a fully staffed villa, internet access, access to two cell phones and a landline, along with full access to the recreation room and bar.


Pricing is another important consideration. Many websites require you to send an e-mail to inquire about the rates, whereas our villa features an option. Select the best deal for your group or send an e-mail to inquire; we aim to respond within the hour.


Looking for even more great tips and advice for your next family vacation to Jamaica? Jamaica Ocean View Villa is your source for lots of helpful travel tips, so stop in regularly to check out our latest write-ups! And if you’re seeking great accommodations for your next family vacation, Jamaica Ocean View Villas may be right for you! Browse our website to learn more.

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