We are dedicated to providing our guests with quality cuisine, exceptional service & true Jamaican hospitality



Serving your family and friends, this is your unique opportunity to experience all to yourself, with the highest quality gourmet culinary selections prepared to perfection in your villa.

Villa Serenity Dining Experience includes a multi-course meal, your own service team, as well as authentic service and dining experience.

This is without a doubt the ultimate expression of exclusively, providing your party with the privilege of serving, indulging and impressing you and you



Savor the finest from around the globe without leaving the villa. We honor traditions with masterful preparation, the finest local ingredients, USDA choice meat, and fresh seafood. Savor a feast of flavors including Italian, Asian, French, Jamaican, and more.


Local Jamaican & International Cuisines

Your private chef prepares: Gourmet breakfast, lunches & dinners, for the duration of your stay to create a relaxing and memorable dining experience.

Dining at a villa in Jamaica

For a better idea of the sumptuous meals, your chef can prepare for your group (Global Cuisine, Local & BBQ). – Scroll down to See sample dishes.

For many cultures, dining is a primary aspect of any celebratory or bonding experience. At the Ocean View Villa, you’ll be provided with gourmet meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our extensively-trained chef is well-versed in the art of both local and international cuisine and is eager to serve up unique and delightful delicacies.

We’ll take care of your first few meals during the reservation process, and once you’re settled in, you can meet with your private chef to plan a menu for your stay. From refreshingly fruity desserts and exotic salads to Jamaican jerk chicken, steak tips and barbecue, you’ll find something to suit the tastes of everyone in your group.

We’re happy to accommodate any dietary guidelines you have for us, with shopping being done after your meals are planned. No number of restrictions will prevent us from creating gourmet dishes that complete your luxury vacation experience.

Private Bar! Drinks a serving Local & International premium spirits and Wines.


Sauvignon Blanc|Pinot Grigio|Chardonnay|Merlot|Shiraz|Cabernet Sauvignon

Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi


Jamaican coffee

Premium Spirits

Ocho Rios Villa Private Chef

Your Personal Chef ( Master Chef)

This service is very popular among our guests, as personalized meals can be tailor-made to suit the tastes of your entire party, even kids, vegetarians and guests with special dietary needs. Leave every detail to your chef and enjoy your meals stress-free with family and friends! For a better idea of the sumptuous meals a chef can prepare for your group.

A Personalized Experience

Arrive ,to your villa for a warm welcome from your villa staff, who will describe what is possible in this most beautiful of locations.

From vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-intolerant diets to any religious requirements, Jamaica Ocean View Villa assure a fully personalized experience.

The villa bar is stock with your requested drinks, and your personal chef preparing your first gourmet dinner in the villa kitchen.

Formal indoor dining areas

– Open-air dining on  ,terrace or around the pool

– Available for private events during your stay (facility fees may apply)

Meal Services

– All meals prepared and served by our staff

– Family style, plated and buffet serving options

– Menus determined by you and your guests in consultation with the staff

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