Why Book a Private Villa for your Jamaica Destination Wedding?

If you’re in the beginning stages of planning your wedding, you’re probably overwhelmed. If you have narrowed down your selection to a destination wedding on the Caribbean beach in Ocho Rios—then it’s time to move on to step two: choosing the location for your celebration.

What are the benefits of a private villa versus a resort or hotel?

Accommodating a group of people overseas can be complicated. You have three options: a resort, a hotel, or renting a private local Jamaica villa. Like planning weddings in your home country, using a private venue gives you more options than catalogue resort or hotel weddings.

  • Resort and hotel weddings generally don’t have a lot of leeway when it comes to the planning process. They have packages that couples can choose from. These packages are pretty standard: a ceremony and reception at the resort with standard decorations and food. Guests can choose how many days they would like to stay at the resort and book their own rooms. The number of guests is limited by the resort package chosen.
  • Celebrate in an area unspoiled by tourism and commercialism. You’ve seen those gorgeous pictures of resort weddings zoomed in on the happy couple. What isn’t pictured are the gawking tourists intruding on your special moment. http://www.oyster.com/hotels/photo-fakeouts/wedding-photo-fakeout/

Creative couples will choose a DIY wedding. This option is perfect for the planners that don’t want their options to be narrowed by the specifications set by the facility. They lodge at an Ocho Rios villa and (depending on their wedding party size) either hold the festivities there or book a banquet hall. Generally destination weddings only involve small to medium sized groups. Private villas can generally handle an intimate dinner reception of up to thirty people. There are no time constraints, overpriced menus, or music specifications. The private villa wedding has the most leeway when it comes to planning.

Ocean View Villa in Ocho Rios, Jamaica is the perfect option for either a lodging for the wedding party, a location for the celebration, or both! Millicent, the villa’s chef, can handle small to medium sized dinner party catering for an added fee. The villa is located near the coast, providing stunning views and plenty of space for activities. Contact the owner for more details and pricing.