Four Jamaica Vacation Villa Myths Debunked

Jamaica Vacation Villa Myths Debunked

Jamaica is the ultimate island paradise for those who want to soak in the sun, enjoy beautiful ocean views and explore exotic landscapes. Renting a Jamaica villa can provide travelers with a unique experience when they visit the island, allowing them to get off the beaten path and away from the crowds at all-inclusive resorts. Many travelers state that while they would prefer to stay in a Jamaica vacation villa, they are hesitant to reserve one due to various reasons. The majority of the time, these reasons relate to misconceptions and myths regarding Jamaica villa getaways.

To help you make an informed decision about your travel accommodations, here is a look at four of the biggest myths about renting a Jamaica villa for a vacation:

Myth Number 1: A Jamaica villa is not safe and secure.

Reality: Many people believe that all-inclusive resorts are the only safe way to see Jamaica, but that simply isn’t the case. Many villas, including Jamaica Ocean View Villa, are located in gated communities that aren’t accessible to the general public. These communities are often more secure than resorts.

Myth Number 2: A Jamaica vacation villa means less service.

Reality: When people imagine staying in a villa, they picture themselves on their own with no housekeeping service or concierge to assist them. In actuality, many villas like Jamaica Ocean View Villa have on site staff, including housekeepers, butlers and gardeners. Choosing to stay at a villa with staff means individualized, personal attention and assistance with planning excursions and making dining reservations as needed.

Myth Number 3: A Jamaica vacation villa does not include meals.

Reality: Jamaica Ocean View Villa and other villas on the island often have on site chefs. Not only does this mean that meals are conveniently prepared when desired, but it also means that menus can be completely customized to your tastes and any dietary restrictions that you might have. Plus, food quality is often better, as many all-inclusive resorts offer sub par cuisine due to their low prices.

Myth Number 4: A Jamaica villa is expensive.

Reality: A Jamaica vacation villa can provide you with more space and privacy, but that doesn’t always mean a higher cost. Many of the best villas like Jamaica Ocean View Villa have affordable rates. This is particularly the case for large families that would require multiple rooms on a resort. Plus, reputable villas do not tack on additional fees that lead to unpleasant surprises when it’s time to check out.

Jamaica Ocean View Villa offers safety, dedicated service from five on site staff members, concierge services and delicious meals at remarkably affordable rates. Let us show you what a vacation in a Jamaica villa can truly be. Read more about our accommodations and see pictures of our resort here on our website and then book your date for your dream Jamaica vacation getaway.


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