Jamaica Vacation Rental; An Experience Better Thank a Hotel

Vacation Rental ¨C An Experience Better Thank a Hotel

If you’re planning your Jamaican vacation don’t overlook the many benefits of staying in a vacation rental. While a hotel can provide you with a perfectly wonderful vacation experience, for the best hotel stay however, you can expect to pay premium prices. An Ocho Rios villa rental can offer you everything the most luxurious hotels can offer and much, much more.



One thing a hotel can never offer its guests is space, even if you get the most expensive suite in the hotel. Vacation rentals come in all shapes and sizes. By renting a villa in Ocho Rios for your trip, you are guaranteed enough space for even large groups to feel comfortable without being on top of each other. You can rent a villa that allows for everyone to have their own bedroom, where as in a hotel everyone of usually crammed into one or two rooms. Villa rentals also have living room, dining, and kitchen areas, something a hotel can’t offer. They are ideal for families or large groups. Your Ocho Rios family villa rental’s fully equipped kitchen means that you can save money by eating some or even all of your meals in. It also helps take the stress out of eating in restaurants with young children, who tend to get bored of sitting around. Putting it all into perspective, the average vacation rental offers its guests over 1,300 square feet of space compared to hotel rooms that average just 325 square feet.


Even the most luxurious vacation villa rental gives you much better value for money. Prices usually run by the week and when added up with the nightly hotel rate they end up cheaper. Once you take into account that you don’t need to eat out every night, you can save hundreds of dollars on your trip and all that with a true home away from home feel. Also, your Ocho Rios vacation rental price is fixed and inclusive, meaning you know exactly what you get for your money. There are no extra surprises, such as fees for using the internet, or parking, so you have less stress, which is the last thing you want to encounter when you’re trying to relax.

Family Friendly

Vacation rentals, in fact most of them, are very family friendly. They are well stocked with entertainment to keep the kids happy, such as video game consoles, board games, children’s books, and DVDs. If the kids are happy then it makes your entire travel experience better.


When you stay at a hotel, no matter how good their customer service is, it can never compare to the personal service you’ll get from your Jamaica villa rental staff. When booking, you deal directly with the rental owner who will have the time to think just about you and your needs, instead of sharing out precious minutes between possibly hundreds of other guests at the same time. Another perk is that the staff stay the same, so you always see a friendly face. They can get to know you and your family, making the best suggestions about where to go and what to eat. At a hotel the staff usually change everyday and never really get to know you, so activity suggestions tend to be generic.

Culture and Privacy

Staying in an Ocho Rios vacation rental means that you can live in a local neighborhood. This allows you to experience more of the local life, mingling with the local people instead of staying isolated at a resort. Another fantastic feature of a villa is that you have much more privacy. There’s no having to sit by the pool with a bunch of strangers or people walking up and down the halls outside your door that you don’t know. You can happily eat breakfast by your private pool in your pajamas if you want and no one will ever have to know.

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your Ocho Rios/Jamaica travel questions and/or any special requirements. We are just as excited as you are when it comes to Ochi, so send us your questions, inquiries or make a reservation whenever you’d like.

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