Jamaica offers a different Vacation Experience for families.

Jamaica is a leading destination for multi generational family vacation in the Caribbean. I know you have wondered about this little Island far away in the Caribbean Sea. Surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches and outfitted with tall lush green mountains that hide breath taking waterfalls, it is the ideal getaway for any family. Jamaica is a beautiful island with beautiful people. Jamaica has been famous throughout the years for its achievements in sports, Reggae Music, gorgeous beaches and hospitality but to really experience Jamaica you need to visit the island and immerse yourself in its culture.

You might be wondering how you will get here. A simple plane ride would suffice but if you want to experience the wonder which is the beautiful Caribbean Sea, you can take a cruise and stop by. The warm atmosphere of this Island will greet you with open arms. As a getaway like no other, the island’s tourist city Ocho Rios will be a welcome destination for the adventure seekers, the relaxers and even the risk-takers.

Family vacation in Ocho Rios jamaica

Ocho Rios is one of the most well-known getaways in Jamaica and rightfully so. The parish iscjoy climbing the falls from the base to the top and spend the day relaxing on the beach. The parish is also home of Dolphin Cove this is park filled with exotic animals such as parrots and iguanas that will captivate children, not to forget the dolphins that will be happy to give everyone a ride.

For those of you who want a more risky adventure you can have the time of your life zip lining across the Mystic Mountains. This getaway is known to be one of the most heart stopping and exhilarating ride on the island. After trying it the first time many persons are anxious to try it again repeatedly to experience the thrill of being up that high.  Here you can also try out the famous Jamaican bobsled ride or simply hanging by the pool. All these getaways are family oriented and they all have activities for every member of the family making Ocho Rios ideal for families.

Many people who visit the island are overwhelmed by these wonderful attractions but they never really get to enjoy the culture of the island. When you stay in Jamaica, the best way to do it is to enjoy yourself at one of our famous villas. This will complete your experience and will allow you to interact with one of the most jovial and laid back sets of people in the world. You will not only get the fun adventures but you will experience a culture like no other. When you visit this island you will want to sit back and experience their culture with your family in a safe and protected environment surrounded by Jamaicans who know how to have fun, so forget the hotel and the impersonal life; immerse yourself and enjoy your stay.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about visiting Jamaica or about staying in our beautiful villa.

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