Importance of a Vacation Rental Booking Engine

Importance of a Vacation Rental Booking Engine

 In today’s instant answer society it is essential for a vacation rental owner to have a booking engine integrated into their website. Visitors to your website want all the details about your villa available then and there. If it’s not possible for them to search availability for their travel dates and to book straight away it is more likely that you will lose the booking because they didn’t want to wait for the owner to reply to their email or phone call. Many vacation villa owners still don’t have a booking engine on their website, which gives those who do an edge in a competitive market.



Today there are ready made booking engines that are geared specifically towards vacation rental owners, so if you don’t have the programming skills to build your own, you have good options. These booking engines allow you to implement minimum stays that can vary depending on if it’s peak or low season. They also allow you to offer discounts for multi-night stays and close certain days of the week for arrivals.


While there are large websites dedicated to listing vacation rentals from hundreds of different owners in dozens of locations with booking engines, they won’t provide you with the personal details that you may need for your rental. For example, using filters to find a certain type of property often returns some properties that weren’t what you specified. By having your own engine integrated into your site, you can set the specifics you want that may relate only to your property.

Having your own customized booking engine means that you can offer guests real time booking, something that is still rare when it comes to vacation rentals. People will much happier to be able to make a decision there and then without leaving your site and booking somewhere else that makes it easier for them. Real time booking also means that your availability calender is always up to date, so when visitors search for their vacation dates they can know if they can book them or not almost immediately. The easier you make your ‘product’ to buy the higher percentage of people on your site will buy it. In the long run this will help increase your occupancy rates and of course income. Combine the booking engine with great photos of your rental, details of all its amenities, and local activities and you are miles ahead of a lot of your competition.

Booking engines also allow people to pay with their credit card, another factor that often means they are more likely to book there and then instead of continuing their search. When they do book they will be sent a booking confirmation email like they would receive if they booked a hotel. On the back end it will be much easier for you to manage bookings and vacant days. This makes it easier to decide if you want to offer a special rate to get your villa rented during a quiet time.

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