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Are you planning a vacation to your dream destination? Due to tight budget you are scouring dozens of booking sites, travel search engines and airline websites to find cheap airline tickets for your next trip. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to getting the best deals on airline ticket than shopping around and waiting for the perfect date to purchase.

Did you know Frequent flyer points are being stolen? There are people out there who try hacking into personal accounts of customers to steal their flyer points. Some things that can be done to reducing the risk is to shred your boarding pass once the trip is over, not posting the pass online and even avoiding using public wifi. Be sure to look into this more thoroughly, as you are already spending enough money on the flight. You don’t want to lose out on anything.

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What are the cheapest days to fly?

There are certain days of the week to find cheap flights. It is not only advisable to compare fares but consider the different days and time. The cheapest days of the week that are unpopular for travel are Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

The most expensive days to fly is the weekend including Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. For the best time of the day, consider opting for flights at the crack of dawn. Overnight flights (red-eyes) and the dinner hours are considerable cheaper as well.

Best time to shop for tickets

Despite following all the rules of either shopping too early or too late to snag up on last minute deals, it might still be difficult finding the best price. This is absolutely one of the weirdest things about airfare pricing system.

You could sit all day long by your computer looking for the flight ticket to drop or you can decided to sign up for an airfare alerts. These alerts gives you up to the minute update on the changes in flight prices.

The sooner you get detailed information about an amazing deal, the better your chances of having it. However, if you are considering shopping for a domestic flight ticket, you can buy it between three months and thirty days before departure.


While for international flight tickets, it is advisable to shop around for cheaper fares between 5 ½ months and 1 ½ months before departure. During touristy seasons or holiday seasons, buy your tickets two months ahead of time.

Tips on finding the best deals on flight

Flights are a major part of travel expenses to consider. It is just as important as finding the perfect destination for your next trip, the right backpack, the most reliable tour company or the perfect accommodation option.

There are lots of reasons why flights are expensive including less competition. These airlines are looking to make profits and as such increase fares because people tend to travel more these days.

Despite the fact that oil prices has reduced generally, these airlines aren’t looking for ways to lower their prices. But this doesn’t mean you have to give up.

Airlines offers lots of amazing deals ranging from published cheap fare deals to reduced prices to compete with other airlines. There are lots of cheap fares out there only if you are aware of the best ways to find them.

Below are some helpful tips on finding cheap airline tickets and deals.

Flexibility with travel dates

Flight tickets varies depending on the time of the day, days of the week and special holiday periods including Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve.

One of the most expensive time of the year to travel around Jamaica  is winter or high season, when most people go on vacation.

Flying during the middle of the week is cheaper than on weekends, because most travelers fly on the weekends resulting into higher flight tickets.

Before opting to pay for a particular flight ticket, make sure you check other dates for the cheapest date. If you are not flexible with your travel dates, then it might be difficult finding a cheap flight

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Be flexible with travel dates

If you are flexible about your dates, you will be able to find great deals.

Use budget airlines

Few years back, it is very expensive to fly from one continent to another. There are lots of budget airlines that makes it possible for travelers to go on long distance travels and bounce around the world for a little less. Some of the budget airlines include Jet Blue, South West and  now United has announce its own  budget fare to compete with smaller airline.

Flying the budget airlines is far better than flying the major airlines especially if you’re looking for cheap flight tickets.

Use alternative routes

Being flexible with both date and and number of stops can be a great choice, but flexibility with the route you take can save you a lot of money. When planning on flying to Montego Bay Jamaica.

Taking a non-stop flight directly to Montego Bay or Kingston will definitely be more expensive and travel time will be considerable less than a flight with one or more connections.

You’ll spend more time traveling  when booked on a flights that have one or more connection, however, the extra time  spent traveling may be well worth the stress and extra cash.

Travel search engine

There are lots of travel search engines that offer great deals when looking for cheap airline ticket. Travel search engines provides thousands of search results offering you the chance to opt for the one that best meet your specific needs. Prices will vary so it is best to use different search engines when looking for cheap flight tickets.

Book ahead of time

Airline prices will keep rising but there are times when airlines lower or increase fares depending on demand. Book in advance, let say six to eight weeks before departure, and you will get a less expensive flight ticket.

When planning on traveling during peak seasons, buying flight tickets few days before your trip can cost you more. So if you are planning ahead, try to book flights three months before going on an international trip.

Last minute deal

Sometimes, buying flight ticket on the last minute can also pay off as most airlines are looking to fill up their vacant space. For this reason, travelers can get air fares a little cheaper than normal pricing.

Airlines know they can sell out all seats during peak seasons, so you won’t expect to get a drop in prices even if you are considering last minute deal.

Compare flight prices

This is one of the easiest ways of find cheap air fares. Always compare flight tickets. This is because no airline has the most attractive prices. So it is therefore advisable to compare airfare prices to avoid paying more.

Know when to buy

The most difficult part of booking a flight is knowing the perfect time to pay for your ticket. This can be easily done using Kayak as they offer fare predictions on flight fares for major cities across the world. All you need do is input your itinerary and you will get advice on whether to place your bookings or wait, depending on whether the price will rise or fall.

Fly into bigger airports

When planning your next trip Jamaica and looking for  cheaper airfares, it is highly suggested to flight into bigger airports (MBJ).

MBJ airport Jamaica

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Cheap flight airlines

Cheap flights airline offers cheapest flight ticket prices by selling most of their onboard services including seats booking and cargo carrying.

Some of the top cheap flight airlines flying to Jamaica includes Jet Blue, South West airlines. These cheap flight airlines offers a less expensive flight tickets than other regular airlines for various reasons.

Their tickets are sold directly to travelers as they do not have to wait upon travel agents, thus saving more and reducing commission costs.


Cheap flights refundable policy

When planning a trip, you need to select providers who are willing and happy to make a refund should there be any need for cancellation. There are some factors that lead to flight cancelation. Some of the factors can be controlled while a vast majority are beyond control. It is therefore very important to be flexible when booking your flight.

However, you should know that some airplanes have strong policies when it comes to flight cancellation and as such will try every means possible to withhold your payment no matter the circumstances. It is therefore advisable to avoid such packages.

Rather than canceling the cheap flights, which is considered a great deal, look for ways to make appropriate adjustment that will in no way inconvenience both you and the flight company unnecessarily.

On the other hand, if you insist on canceling the cheap flights due to circumstances beyond your control, it is best to notify the relevant agent in advance rather than waiting until the very last minute. Most airlines will be happy to cancel your flight and refund your money if notified at the earliest stages.

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