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Hundreds stranded, passengers sleeping in COTS: TSA security lines of up to THREE HOURS cause chaos at Chicago O’Hare as national staff shortage at airports makes thousands miss flights” Source

flying to Jamaica from the USA,

This is a major issue for air travelers will have no choice but to contend with, especially during this summer.

We have planned our vacation out perfectly, only to arrive at the airport few hours before your flight takes off to the beautiful island of Jamaica.

You are so sure that we will have more than enough time to whiz through airport security and do some duty-free shopping before boarding.

However, this works in some cases depending on the size of the airport but it is quite different at bigger airports with limited number of TSA staffs.

As the summer travel begins, majority of the airports are facing major problems because of understaffed TSA personnel running security.

Due to the large number of travelers during summer months, there are usually longer lines experienced than usual at major airports across the country.

With millions of air travel passengers estimated to pass through the nation’s airport to Jamaica every year, you can expect long TSA lines at the airport during this summer.

These long lines clogging the airports have discourage thousands of people from traveling by air. However, with a bit of preparations and loads of patience, you can avoid the rush at the airport.

Arrive Early

One of the best and most effective ways of avoiding long TSA lines at the airport is arriving ahead of time for your flight. The TSA mandates every air travel passengers to arrive at the airport at least two hours before boarding for domestic flights and a minimum of three hours early for international flights.

If you are flying through one of the country’s busiest airport, then you are expected to arrive at the airport few hours before departure. Waiting long lines is one of the most annoying things at the airport and to make matters worse, it can make you miss your flights.

In order not to miss that all important flight to your destination, arrive at the airport early. Once you pass through the long lines, you can take some time to familiarize yourself with the airports amenities if time allows by doing some shopping and enjoy some great tasting meals.

Get TSA PreCheck

Enrolling in TSA PreCheck is another great way to avoid long lines at the airport. It is affordable and can last for a period of five years. Once you are confirmed a certified member of TSA PreCheck, you will go through a specially designated line at the airport which is shorter and faster since the screening process is less cumbersome.

You do not have to bring out all your belongings at security points. This makes the screening process easy and fast. If you are looking to apply for TSA PreCheck, then you have to visit one of the many enrolment centers to pay the fee and provide documentation, which takes about 2 – 3 weeks. Are you planning a summer vacation to Jamaica, the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean? Enrol in Global Entry, a U.S Customs and Border Protection

Are you planning a summer vacation to Jamaica, the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean? Enrol in Global Entry, a U.S Customs and Border Protection program, which makes it possible for travelers get back into the United States without much stress.

Prepare For Screening

This may be common sense, but it can really reduce the amount of time of passing through. Take out your laptops, soaps, shoes from your bag while on a queue. Preparing for screening will cut down your time at the airport.

It will be unwise trying to untie your shoes or taking out your laptops from your bags while keeping people waiting. More travelers during this summer time mean more lines. You should try as much as possible to prepare for screening in advance for your flights.

As you may have noticed, the lines at several airports in the United States are ridiculously long, and for this reason, so many travelers are actually missing their flights despite the fact that they arrive at the airport on time. The TSA is facing so much pressure to fix the long lines at the airport. Aside using TSA security, some airports are now using private contractors.

I hope this information will be helpful in making your vacation travels as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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