Family vacation is taking on a whole new trend – multi-generational vacations.

Multi-generational Jamaica Travel


The family vacation is taking on a whole new popular trend – multi-generational vacations. This type of vacation is more than just mom, dad, and the kids heading off for a week at the beach. Multi-generational travel brings together a much larger family group. Grandparents, brothers, sisters, and cousins are now increasingly choosing to take a family vacation together. What families are quickly discovering is that these types of trips foster memories and bonds that can’t be replicated at home when everyone is busy with their everyday lives. Time is created for generations that are often living in separate cities to get to know each other in beautiful ways.

The Right Accommodation

When traveling in a large family group choosing the right accommodation is essential. While spending this time together forms amazing bonds, you are still family after all and being in close quarters can sometimes be a source of tension. Because of this booking a suitable place to stay is important. A Jamaica villa family vacation can provide just what you need. Space, services, and amenities are the key to keeping everyone happy. A Jamaica villa will have multiple bedrooms, ensuring everyone has a quiet and private place to retreat. It also has spacious common areas, including multiple TVs, games, and peaceful reading corners. In addition to the family friendly interior features a Jamaica villa has tranquil outdoor space with a private swimming pool, lush gardens, and large area for your expanded family dinners.

Familly vacation.

extended family vacation


When vacationing with a multi-generational family extra care needs to be used to ensure that everyone has a say and can do some of the activities they want. Having a good idea of this before traveling is worth the extra time thinking through your vacation, making for happier people all around. Since you will be visiting Jamaica with many different age groups, it’s important to plan activities that everyone can take part in. Look for activities that will give grandparents and grandchildren a chance to bond, such as visiting Mystic Mountain with its beautiful gardens for older family members and a few thrills to keep younger members entertained.


While planning your trip make sure communication between all family members is strong and clear. Make sure everyone has some say by finding out what activities they’d like to do, such as Dunn’s River Falls or river tubing, or golf. Make a schedule that includes at least one thing that each member of the group really wants to do, so no one feels left out. Doing this will make younger children feel grown up and no one person has all the pressure of making sure everyone is having fun. What is essential to consider is that the age range of your family can be large and not everyone will have the same interest of physical ability.


Don’t stay for too long. Usually one-week is the ideal multi-generation vacation time. Success of bonding, fun, and keeping everyone happy usually has a one-week limit, sometimes two. This approach will keep your trip positive and balance family dynamics so everyone leave feeling fantastic.



What makes a Jamaica family vacation of this type special is that it is much more than those once or twice yearly family meals on holidays. The setting is much less formal and relaxed, as well as longer giving everyone a chance to chill out and spend quality time together.


Another bonus is that it can create some much needed alone time for parents. While grandparents shouldn’t be taken for granted, you may get the chance to go out for dinner sans children while they spend some bonding time together.


Of course one of the best pros of traveling in a large family group is cost. By renting a villa in Jamaica, you will all be able to stay under one roof, while still having lots of space, and splitting costs while still enjoying luxury accommodation and service.



One great tip experienced multi-generational travellers have mentioned is coordination and sharing. Talk to each other about what you plan to pack. This can be especially handy with the baggage weight allowances airlines now impose. Many items can be shared, instead of ending up with multiples of some items. For example, items that can be shared include hair straighteners, hair dryers, curling irons, a bottle of Tylenol, shampoo, and a box of Band-Aids. Reducing the amount of even the smallest items can make a big difference to the amount of weight you need to carry and even keep costs down.


You all don’t have to do everything together. In fact, planning to split off and do some activities separately can help ensure everyone stays happy and gets what they want out of their trip. Then, in a roundabout way, create bonding. At the end of the day, you can all swap stories about what you got up to that day while you sit down to dinner cooked by your Jamaica villa’s amazing cook.


Ask For Help

Organizing a multi-generation trip needs some more organizing than your usual family vacation, which can cause stress. However, it is easy to avoid this stress by talking over your group’s needs with villa staff who are experts in everything relating to Jamaica travel. Every detail from transport, meals, laundry, and arranging activities can be planned with your guidance, taking a lot of work out of your vacation and leaving more time

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