Family Summer Vacation in a Jamaica Villa

Family Summer Vacation in a Jamaica Villa

Fancy yourself relaxing on a white sand beach with palm trees swaying gently in the sea breeze while you dip your toes in the warm waters? All the while the kids are happily building sand castles or planning their next island adventure. You can have all of this when you take your family summer a Jamaica villa.

Summer Weather

Unlike some tropical destinations Jamaica doesn’t get to hot in the summer. In fact, it averages a comfortable 80F. Summer rain tends to come in the form of heavy, but quick showers that are usually quite refreshing as opposed to putting a damper on your trip. July is usually one of the driest months of the year. And while technically hurricane season starts in June and runs until November, the chances of actually being affected by one are extremely rare, so it isn’t enough reason to avoid summer travel.



Summer in Jamaica is actually off-peak season. This means you can experience all the island has to offer, with warm, sunny weather without the price that normally comes with a summer vacation rental in many US coastal destinations. You can take advantage of your Jamaica villa off-peak rates, as well as find off-peak rates for flights to the island. This makes a family summer vacation in Jamaica highly attractive, since traveling with kids can quickly make a trip expensive when you have to purchase several flights.


You will also find that things on the island will be cheaper too. Shops tend to have sales in the summer to clear out their peak season stock before the new season begins. This means you have a better chance of getting your souvenirs for less. Many popular activities, such as boating, ziplining, snorkeling, and excursions offer reduced rates at this time of year. Another great way to have fun at a lower cost with the family.


Perks for Families

The island atmosphere will be more suitable for families in the summer. The party scene will be quieter meaning less visitors in search of this will be on the island. Another great perk is that beaches will be quieter, meaning you’ll have more space to spread out and allow the kids to play. In the summer there will be less waiting around for your turn to visit an attraction, play golf, or join an activity. This results is happier kids that don’t get cranky because they’re bored sitting around doing nothing. Plus is you do decided to eat out, you usually won’t have to worry about reservations and can make a spontaneous choice.



The disadvantage of taking a summer family vacation in Jamaica at a hotel or resort are that some attractions or activities may run on a more limited scale. Restaurants also may have reduced opening hours and some may even close for the off-season. Service reductions and even renovations can also apply to hotels in Jamaica during this time of year. However, all of this can be avoided.

By renting a Jamaica villa, you don’t have to worry about any service reductions or construction noise. Instead, you get all of the benefits of a vacation rental ¨C privacy, space, personal attention, and home comforts for an off-peak rate. There are tons of local activities and restaurants to try out, and prices are usually lower. When vacationing with the family this makes a summer Jamaica vacation rental stay great value for money.


Summer Activities

Summer activities abound in Jamaica, so your entire family is sure to find something they want to do. One of the most popular activities is snorkeling. With no shortage of lagoons to explore the whole family can have fun discovering the coral reefs teeming with fish, plants, and other sea creatures. You can find boats in Ocho Rios that will take you out to the best snorkeling in the area. Fishing is another great activity available with both on shore and deep sea fishing options. Away from the sea, you can go tubing, rafting, hiking, and on nature excursions.


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