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Give the Best Gift: A Family Vacation (to Jamaica)

Eighteen summers. Eighteen. That’s all we get – just eighteen summers with our children, as children. With our grandchildren, before they grow up. Eighteen spring breaks. Eighteen Christmases/Hanukkahs/Kwanzaas. Eighteen summers. Just eighteen. We must spend them wisely. One such way: Family vacations. Yearly reunions. Memory-making multigenerational trips. This holiday season, gift the most magical, most […]

3 Reasons Why Jamaica is Perfect for Multigenerational Trip (+ 4 Tips for Making Everyone Happy)

  Picking the perfect destination for your family reunion is no easy task. There are so many hurdles to leap – scheduling, and flights, and priorities, and etc. etc. – before you even get to the fun part of making memories. And that’s where Jamaica comes into play. Jamaica is an ideal destination for multigenerational […]