5 Common Jamaica Villa Rental Mistakes

When choosing your Jamaica villa rental, you need to make sure you ask the owner the right questions to ensure the property will suit your needs. If you haven’t rented a vacation rental before, there are a number simple, but common mistakes renters make that can be easily avoided with the right preparation.


Know the Amenities

Because Jamaica villa rentals are all individually owned, each one will be different. Some will offer tons of amenities, while others will be more basic. Think carefully about what you and your family want to ensure they stay happy during their vacation. It is a good idea to make a list of what you want, such as a well equipped kitchen, satellite or cable TV, a DVD player and DVDs, books for adults and children, air-conditioning, etc;. It is a common mistake for renters to book a Jamaica villa rental without really thinking about all of its amenities. For example, you don’t want to find out after you’ve arrived in the tropical heat that your villa doesn’t have air-conditioning. Don’t underestimate the home comforts that you will want. Some vacation rentals don’t provide towels and linens, while some will but only on request, and others will always provide them. Always check the listing of amenities provided by the owner, and if you want something specific, or are unclear about anything always ask before you book. This will avoid any disappointment when you arrive, which will make your stay less enjoyable.


Not Asking for Recommendations

Your Jamaica villa rental owner and their staff have an unrivaled depth of local knowledge. They will know the best activities and attractions to visit and when the best times to visit them is. They will know which restaurants are the best for a certain type of cuisine, what beaches are best for kids, and all of the hidden gems that you don’t read about in guide books. Renters often overlook this valuable resource, which can make the difference between an average vacation and something amazing. Your hosts are there to help you with any suggestions you may need, so don’t hesitate to ask.


Don’t Overpack

Packing for a vacation can be tricky, you want to make sure that you bring everything you’ll need, but this makes it also easy to over-pack. Most people commonly make the mistake of over packing, leaving no room to bring back any souvenirs and many items that go unused. Also, you need to consider that unlike a hotel vacation, a villa rental means that you will have access to laundry facilities. This means you get away with packing far fewer clothes and avoid the now common extra baggage charges. It also means you’ll be able to more comfortably manoeuvre through the airport. Also consider how many extras you need to bring. If you’ve chosen your Jamaica villa carefully, you will know all of the amenities it offers, so you don’t need to bring things that will be provided.


To Much Grocery Shopping

A vacation rental gives you a huge advantage of having a kitchen. This means that you can prepare many of your meals at the villa instead of eating everything out, and saving a lot of money. However, remember that you will only be there for a short time, usually only a week, so you don’t need to go shopping like you would at home. Renters often make the mistake of doing a huge shop that includes far more herbs, spices, cooking items, and condiments than you’ll ever use during your stay. A common result of this is that you end up throwing out a lot of food at the end of your trip, which just wastes money. Before you shop, make a meal plan up for the week, so that you don’t buy things you end up not using.

Not Booking Enough Space

One of the best advantages of a Jamaica villa rental is that you can get a lot more space. However, travelers often overlook just how much space they’ll need to be comfortable. If you’re traveling with another family or your have teenagers, it is a must to book somewhere that has more than one bathroom. Often when trying to cut costs a much as possible, renters end up staying somewhere that is to small for their needs, which can result in stress and arguments. Make sure there is enough bedroom space for everyone to have their own bedroom or only share with someone they’re happy to share with. Spending a little more to get the right space can make the difference between a fun and relaxed vacation, and a stressful one.

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