Summer in Ocho Rios Jamaica

The Winter that Won’t End: 5 Tips to Cope

From wintery snows that shut-down entire southern states; to mudslides out west; to raging storms with snow, sleet and ice up north; this season’s Old Man Winter just won’t leave. If his ice-cold grip is starting to get you down, take heart, my friend. There are ways to cope, and to release some of your winter frustrations in the process.

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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Jamaica

Are you looking for an excuse to visit the wonderful nation of Jamaica? Well, you’re in luck as we have 10 reasons to vacation on the beautiful island of Jamaica!

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Flights to jamaica

The best time to book flight for their Jamaica vacation.

Booking Your Jamaican Flight

Jamaicans believe life shouldn’t be complicated. And that goes double for vacations. So we want to share our tried-and-true tips for keeping your travel planning stress to a minimum and making the process of booking your flight as easy as the long days you’ll spend on the beach when you get here.


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Ochor Rios Jamaica

Ocho Rios Jamaica a world class travellers prefered location

On the north-eastern shore of Jamaica lies the lush area known as Ocho Rios. At one time the local resident evicted the Spanish settlers here, while today the welcome luxury travelers and cruise ships. The area had countless attractions, stunning beaches and quality resorts. The surrounding forests and landscapes are a constant draw for visitors, as is the azure blue waters, so clear that you can see the fish swimming.

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Jamaica spring vacation

Spring Vacations Destinations

2014 winter was rough and record breaking in many countries. Parents have had to endure blizzards, bitter cold and endless snow days. Many families had to cancel or postpone their June summer vacation plans because of all the weather cancellations this winter. Therefore, spring vacation is a great getaway choice, as both snow and sun destinations are in season. It offers a great opportunity to shake off the rust from a long winter and enjoy some new sights, sounds, and experiences.

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