Jamaican jerk chicken

Insanely Good Food At Seven (Affordable) Restaurants in Ocho Rios Jamaica

Jamaica’s cuisine is influenced by immigrants from various places around the world such as India, Africa, and China. Ocho Rios is in the Garden parish appropriately named so for it’s lush tropical vegetation and beauty. In the town of Ocho Rios you will find many local restaurants or eateries with nourishing food rich with flavorful […]

Full Kitchen at Jamaica villa

How to Rock out in Your Jamaica Villa on an Rainy Day.

Your Jamaica Villa on an Rainy Day.

Jamaica’s Sun, Sea and Sand are some of the main reasons why so many flock to this beautiful Island . Luckily, the weather in Jamaica is always vacation friendly and you will hardly experience unpleasant weather.  You can rest assured that your vacation will be filled with mostly sunny weather.

However, Jamaica still experiences its fair share of rain. But who can complain? It has led to our green and beautiful surroundings.

If it does rain, while on your vacation in Jamaica, “No Problem Mon,” the average length of rainfall is between 10 and 30 minutes. The rain is then followed by bright sunshine suitable for outdoor activities almost immediately.

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Jamaica sunshine on skyline

Why Are Airline Tickets So Expensive?

Those who love the travel know that there are excellent deals to be had on accommodations, tours, even food. With the boom in vacation rentals and rental villas (which cost a lot less when split among several people) you don’t have to sacrifice quality or stay in a sketchy hostel to be able to afford […]

Pictures of sunsets in Jamaica

Jamaica has some of the most beautiful sunset in the world. This is one more reason to visit Jamaica.