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It used to be that, in the race to claim travelers’ dollars, vacation rentals came in a distant second place to dependable, comfortable hotels. Not anymore. TripAdvisor conducted a survey of 1,800 travelers and discovered that 60 percent of respondents planned to stay in a vacation rental in 2015. That’s up from 44 percent just two years ago. Dine al fresco by your private pool


It’s no wonder. Vacation rentals have comfort, space (separate living rooms, multiple bedrooms), convenient locations, privacy, and more amenities than hotels.

Many vacation rentals also provide  hotel-level concierge services, in-house housekeeping, 24-hour maintenance and more. Still, some people find hotels to be a safer, more secure way to travel…and that applies to the booking procedure, too.

Many people are used to just booking their trips directly on a hotel’s website, and they feel comfortable doing so. Vacation rental listing sites, (like VRBO, Home Away, and Airbnb), on the other hand, are still relatively new and less trusted in general.

While these options are secure, people stil worry about the impersonal nature of booking through listing sites. Who are they really giving their credit card info to?

Because of that traveler fear, some property owners have their own secure websites for their rentals through which you can book your stay. These owner-maintained personal websites are becoming more and more popular.

In fact, we’re seeing a growing number of our own guests booking via, rather than the vacation rental listing sites we subscribe to. And for good reason.

Thinking of booking your accommodation online through a vacation rental owner’s secured website? Here are some of the reasons why you should.  

Direct Contact with the Property Owner

Booking your accommodation using an owner’s secure website means you’re contacting the property owners themselves. Directly. You can be sure that your questions will be answered correctly and in great detail, because they know their property best (and definitely better than any listing site does). Jamcia villa owner Cavel


Because of the personal connection, you get accurate information about the features of the property, surroundings, amenities, location and how best to get there. And talking to the property owner eases fears about the person to whom you’re giving your money.

A quick, easy conversation over the phone or email goes a long way to establishing trust. For another layer of security, check out the property’s reviews on travel aggregate sites like Trip Advisor, FlipKey, etc. (a simple Google search of the propery’s name should get you some results).

Then head back to their website to complete the booking process and save money (which we’ll get to!). On top of that, many property owners’ individual websites have a list of fun things to things to do and interesting places to visit during your stay.

This ensures you get to enjoy every last minute of your trip, with the invaluable expertise of a local. Such detailed information and personal advice is tougher to come by when you book through listing sites.

Value for your money If you are looking to cut costs for your trip, booking through an owner’s website helps you avoid the exorbitant service charge associated with booking through listing sites such as Flipkey, Trip Advisor and VRBO.

If you are to book directly from owners’ site, you save more and pay less because you don’t have to pay booking fees, and the owner’s aren’t paying a hefty percent of their profits to be listed (so they can keep their prices lower).

This is especially true for large properties and villas, which are perfect for family vacations or traveling with groups (and which often have higher fees and pay more commission to the listing sites).

Budget travelers, take note: using a secure owner’s website when placing reservation could mean you’ll pay up to half the price over booking from a listing site.

Get discounts Often, rates offered on owners secured sites are negotiable, whereas listing sites encourage property owners to quote a flat nightly rate and stick to it.

Booking through an owner’s website also introduces you to special offers. Want to stay a couple of weeks? Or take a trip during off-peak season?

Check out an owner’s website for up-to-date information about what deals they have upcoming. Also be sure to check out the owner’s photos, personal blog, and any information they’ve included about themselves and their property.

It’s a great way to get to know the place where you’re staying—and you won’t find information like that on a hotel website!

Happy vacation hunting!

I look forward to hearing from you  with any questions  regarding renting a vacation home. As always, am available to help you with your vacation planning or local information at any time.

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